confectioners week

With the passing holidays now winding down, and my will power at an all-time low, I took last week to tinker around with some American-made confections acquired over the holiday, lingering around our humble abode, awaiting their sweet discovery.  I dove into the pantry headfirst to uncover mounds of locally procured treats, each one boasting its own tantalizing twist and special story of modest beginnings...


Farmstead Goat Milk Caramels from Big Picture Farm.  Based in Vermont, they are both a goat dairy and farmstead confectionery, constructing award-winning caramels.  


Milk Chocolate squares laced with Almond Toffee & Fleur de Sel, conceived by confection extraordinaire Valerie of Valerie's Confections. A Los Angeles, California-based chocolatier known for their delightfully opulent & addicting chocolate-dipped toffee.


Another homegrown treat from the great state of California, caramel popcorn with pistachios by Cassandra Chen's own CC MADE. Infectious in every way it should be. Congratulations on your masterpiece, Cassandra!


Speaking of pistachios, don't leave Central California without picking up a box of toffee covered pistachios from the family-run pistachio farm: Santa Barbara Pistachio Company. Immersed in toffee & chocolate, with a slight dust of confectioner's sugar, these organic pistachios have been harvested and hand-picked with love by SBPC since 1991. If you're in SoCal, they can be found at the Santa Monica's Farmer's Market.


An espresso topped with bourbon-infused marshmallows, crafted by Florida-based Wondermade marshmallow masterminds.  Serve with an after-dinner coffee, dipped in hot chocolate, or melted over a sundae.  Additional marshmallow flavors include Guinness, Peppermint, Sugar Cookie, Chai, S'Mores, and Sriracha. Beautiful and unusual.


Indulging in these homespun treats manifested by their talented confectioners was a blast.  I look forward to following their stories & imaginations to see what unfolds next...